Pink & White Lace Personalized Birthday Princess Ribbon & Lace Tutu 3 Piece Set Age 1,2, 3, 4, or 5

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Lots of Pink satin ribbon, yards of white lace and extra fluffy soft tulle make this set so special for her. The personalized age shirt is adorned with a silver tiara and silver scepter accented with GENUINE Swarovski crystals! Your choice of age up to 8. The tops are Carters onesies (up to 24 months) or your choice of a 100% cotton high quality, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt or tank top. The ribbon and lace tutu is extra full and fluffy. Removable ribbon & lace bows are at each shoulder. A large removable ribbon and lace bow is at the waist and is also included.
Finally to top it all a ribbon & lace boutique bow for the hair which can be worn clipped in her hair or attached to the included headband.
Won't this be the hit of her party and just perfect for her photo's.